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Easy Homemade Recipe of the Week, Issue #001 -- How To Make Dog Food
January 11, 2014
Meet Poppy!

This year we started a newer, healthier eating plan. We ALL started! Even Poppy, my jack russell terrier. After some research and experimenting, I found a great recipe that she loves! It's easy to make and actually smells delicious!

How To Make Dog Food


6 Cups of Water

1 pound of Ground Beef (may use turkey if desired)

2 Cups Brown Rice-not Minute Rice

1 T Rosemary

3 Cups of Frozen Green Beans, Peas and/or Carrots

5 Eggs

Rosemary is rich in vitamins, high in fiber and an anti-inflammatory. It's a wonderful addition to your homemade dog food and adds tremendous benefits.

You can use fresh or dried rosemary.


Put the water, meat, rice and rosemary into a large pan.

Stir and bring to a boil over high heat.

When it boils, reduce temperature and simmer for 25 more minutes. Add the eggs in and stir gently.

Add the various vegetables and cover for 10 minutes.

Remove from heat and store in refrigerator.

I like to add whatever leftovers that I have in the refrigerator that are safe and healthy dog treats. Whether it's a ripe banana, a couple of apples or some leftover pumpkin or squash, it just adds some extra vitamins for dogs and a variety of tastes to her taste buds.

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