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Top 10 Easy-Home-Make Recipes
January 16, 2015

We had so much fun bringing you some of our favorite homemade recipes last year! As I'm planning some great, new ideas to share with you this year, I want to stop and remind you of some of last year's favorites!!

We'll be sending out one of our top 10 recipes a day for the next 10 days. I hope you enjoy them and forward them to your friends!

Number 10 on our list of popular recipes is Thieves Essential Oils.

Thieves Oil is a simple mixture of a few easy essential oils that promises to help you fight the common cold, airborne germs and makes effective homemade household cleaners for basic frugal living!

The history on this essential oil is fascinating. Here is a small excerpt from our webpage.

"It was during the time of The Black Plague that a band of thieves were discovered to be able to successfully rob the dead and their graves without fear of becoming affected by this deadly disease. Read More Here

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