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Peppermint Extract

Peppermint extract

Flavoring extracts are so much fun and so easy peasy to make!  With a few simple ingredients, you can spice up your baking cabinet, as well as whip up some quick and easy food gifts.  

To make peppermint extract you'll need just 2 ingredients: vodka and fresh peppermint leaves....yes...that's it!  

I used these cute, little 2 ounce bottles because I'm making some homemade Christmas gifts and I have lots of willing recipients!

Now just take the peppermint leaves and bruise them by squeezing them.  This will help the natural oils release and infuse easily into the vodka.   I didn't really measure the peppermint that I used, I just filled the bottles up to the top.  

Now just fill each bottle with some inexpensive vodka.  Cover the peppermint leaves but leave just a little room to shake the bottles.  You'll want to shake them every couple of days just to keep things mixed up!

This is the hard part.  Now we just let them sit...soak...infuse...ruminate.

After about six weeks you will have the perfect-PERFECT baking extract.  And the great thing about flavoring extracts is that they're the gift that keeps on giving.  When the bottle is about half-empty, you can refill it and shake.  You should be able to get a few refills before you have to start over!  

Now that you've seen how easy it is to make flavoring extracts, you should try some others!  

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