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Benefits of Coconut Oil

Anti-Bacterial-it kills bacteria in your body. From cancor sores to gum disease. It's also effective* on urinary tract infections and candida. (See more here)

Anti Fungal-it kills yeast and fungus that can lead to infection

Anti-Inflammatory-appears* to directly affect inflammation & tissue repair.


Anti parasitic-helps to fight tapeworms, lice and various parasites in the body.

Anti Viral-kills viruses such as hepatitis C, influenza, herpes and many more.

Fights infections

Anti-carcinogenic with anti-microbial properties, it can be effective in the spread of cancer cells as well as enhancing the immune system.

Researchers have linked it to a boosted immune system & enhanced heart health. Also *improves skin conditions such as eczema.


It is slow to oxidize and thus very (naturally) shelf-stable.

Not prone to rancidity.


Don't microwave it~It takes away the beneficial properties-Simply melt in warm water.

So, what kind of oil should you buy when adding the health benefits of coconut oil to your life?

Is there a difference?

Refined or Unrefined?


expeller pressed?

Unrefined Coconut Oil is typically labelled virgin or extra virgin olive oil. There's no standard labeling practice for this so the definitions of virgin and extra-virgin coconut oil are not consistent. Basically, both virgin and extra virgin coconut oils are made from the first pressing of the raw, fresh coconut and no additional chemicals have yet been used for refining.

Unrefined coconut oil can have the taste and scent of coconut, depending on the intensity of the heat involved in processing. A quality raw, unrefined virgin coconut oil will have a mild scent and possible coconutty taste.


Refined Coconut Oil is typically odorless and tasteless. Since it has been refined, it usually has a higher smoke point and can tolerate higher cooking temperatures.  The refining process is normally a chemical distillation process and utilized harsh solvents. By the time the product has been refined, bleached made "attractive" to the consumer, it's a far cry from it's original form and the coconut oil benefits are greatly diminished. I tend to stay away from refined coconut oil as often times they've become another hydrogenated, synthetic trans-fat that is no longer beneficial.

Unless your coconut oil is clearly marked unrefined-it is probably a refined coconut oil.


Expeller Pressed or Cold-Pressed Oils can either be refined or unrefined. Both methods can keep the integrity and hold the health benefits of coconut oil. Cold pressed doesn't automatically designate raw, however. Since coconut oil is an extremely stable fat, it can be heated to rather high heats during the extraction process and still maintain its healthy qualities. However, the more heat that the oil is exposed to, the more coconutty it will taste.

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