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by Karen
(South Carolina)

My husband said I couldn't have a dog in the house. Hmmm... You know how long that lasted. Just until I found the perfect puppy. From the moment I brought her home, she owned the place and everyone in it, even the 5 cats. She's a year old now and still rules the roost. I really didn't get to name her myself as my oldest son took one look at her and said, "Oh Lord, another Diva." It stuck but it's so true. If you could just see her, you would understand that even though she's a "mutt dog", pure bread papa and a Heinz 57 mom, she holds her head high and curls her tail. What fun it is to talk with her about anything because you know she has got to understand every word. We're blessed with a vet who honestly loves animals of all shapes and sizes. It makes our lives so much easier to have a "doc" who is kind us we humans, too. She teaches us and lets us ask all those "dumb" questions. What a great time we are having. I hope everyone will one day have a "Diva" of their own. It adds so much to your life, yeah, right, it's 2:30 a.m. and Diva decides she wants to play. So, play we must until she starts "talking" to you in her cute little doggy voice. What a blessing!

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