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Dog Teeth Cleaning

dog teeth cleaning

Dog breath...blech!  I've purchased all types of breath fresheners, water additives and special dog treats and nothing seems to help my doggie's bad breath.  But bad breath isn't the only reason for doggy dental care.  Without periodical teeth cleaning, plaque can build up and cause permanent damage in your pet health care.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning

You can buy breath fresheners for your dog, but after some research, I've come up with a homemade dog toothpaste recipe that is healthy, natural and effective to brush your dog's teeth.

NEVER use human toothpaste for your dog as floride is poisonous for them

There are a few simple ingredients in this homemade toothpaste for dogs and they have healthy, natural benefits.

You'll need:

 1T Beef Bouillon Granules dissolved in 1T hot water-(makes it tasty)

2T Baking Soda-to clean the tartar

2t Cinnamon <---buy cinnamon here

1/3 C Coconut Oil <---buy coconut oil here

more benefits of coconut oil  

more benefits of cinnamon

Measure out your coconut oil and stir in the rest of the ingredients.  Your coconut oil will get soft as you stir.  After it's blended, you can put it on a toothbrush and brush his teeth, gums and back of mouth.  Brushing your dog's teeth is not always a pleasant experience but it's necessary for pet health. It is recommended to brush your dog's teeth daily, but I strive to do it three times a week.  And, since I make homemade dog food (and it's soft) I also give my dog a homemade dog treat daily so she gets a little crunch to help break down the tartar and natural build up.

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