Flavored Sugar Recipes

Flavored Sugar Recipes

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Flavoring sugars is a fun and creative project!  These make great food gifts ideas-from unique wedding favors to homemade Christmas gifts-add your imagination to some raw sugar, and voila!  Another quick and fun project from easy-home-made!


I made several different flavors but this raspberry flavored sugar is my favorite!  It has just 2 simple ingredients and it's so yummy and beautiful!

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1. Use one cup of sugar.  I used a nice organic raw sugar but just a regular granulated sugar will work beautifully as well.

2. Add 3 raspberries, blended in a magic bullet or processor.

3. Mix thoroughly, getting out all of the lumps.

4. Now let it dry completely for a couple of days. When it's no longer wet, give it a couple of quick zips in the magic bullet or food processor.  The sugar and raspberry mix will make a wonderfully pink color and is a great addition to cookies, cupcakes or even your morning grapefruit.

You can get these great little vintage bottles here!  

This makes a nice indulgent gift for teachers, co-workers or yourself!

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More Flavored Sugar Recipes

Cocoa Flavored Sugar

Add 1/4 Cup unsweetened cocoa to 1 Cup of sugar. 

Sprinkle on top of your whipped cream or hot buttered toast!

Lavender Flavored Sugar

Chop 2T lavender into tiny pieces in your food processor.  Add 1 Cup of sugar and process well.

Add to fresh lemon water or to your hot tea.

Peppermint Flavored Sugar

Add several freshly crushed  peppermint leaves to 1 Cup sugar. Tightly cover for 2 weeks.

Great in hot or cold teas or try rimming your favorite cocktail!

Lemon Zest Flavored Sugar

Zest a lemon and dry the zest completely in a 200 degree oven. Add to 1 Cup sugar and let ruminate for 4 weeks.

Add to chamomile tea or sprinkle on your blueberry muffins!

Vanilla Bean Flavored Sugar

Add the seeds of 1 freshly sliced vanilla bean to 1 Cup sugar.  After stirring together, add the bean pod for additional flavor.

Excellent in cookies or stirred into your morning coffee.

Almond Flavored Sugar

Easy~Peasy recipe!  Simply add 2 tsp of almond (or any) extract to 1Cup of sugar. Mix well & dry thoroughly.

A delightful addition to your morning coffee and cream.  

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