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Making my own Homemade Cleaning Products has changed my definition of clean! I was known to use bleach like it was holy water~the more the merrier! But now, with a few basic ingredients at around $20, you can actually make your own cleaning products better, cheaper & healthier.  Besides the time saved from running out to grab a bottle of window cleaner, you'll be able to make your own so much cheaper.  Besides being handy-you'll save money!

it will cost you less than .50 per bottle compared to Windex at $2.89!

Homemade Cleaning Products

Window Cleaner Recipes

Home Made Laundry Soap

Homemade Fabric Softeners

Disposable Cleaning Wipes (for babies, too!)

Homemade Air Fresheners

Dish Washer Soap

Shopping List

  • Vinegar-white vinegar in your homemade cleaning products will kill 99% of bacteria on surfaces and 82% of molds on countertops. Just use the regular white vinegar easily found at the store.
  • Borax-aside from the wonder of cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting…it also is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It adds just the scrub you need!
  • Washing Soda- a stain remover and is effective in dissolving grease. Since it is a close cousin to the famous baking soda, this is an amazing addition to frugal living.
  • Baking Soda-From deodorizing smelly laundry to making your Sunday morning omelets a bit fluffier, 1/2 t for every 2 eggs, baking soda is yet another addition to our environmentally friendly resources and products.
  • Dawn Dish Soap-Okay…I know this one doesn't meet everyone's definition of all-natural or environmentally safe, but it does meet my definition of frugal and effective when you make your own cleaning products. I'd much rather use it in my Home Made Oven Cleaner than the toxic, yellow Easy Off can.
  • Coconut Oil-smells great and works as a great carrier oil for cleaning products! I use fractionated coconut oil but olive oil can be effectively used as well.  Read more about Coconut Oil Benefits.
  • Essential Oils-Researching the benefits of essential oils is a fun task and adds an amazing element to your homemade household cleaners!  Here are some great Essential Oil Recipes!

So...off to the store to buy your basic ingredients for your homemade cleaners and let's get started!

What is your favorite tried & true homemade cleaning product?

Whether you're an old pro at making your own cleaning products or just trying new ideas from Pinterest~I'd love to hear some of your favorite hints and ideas!

I'll feature your submission, along with some photos, on our Facebook page to be share with others just like you!

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