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Homemade Food Gift Ideas

Homemade Food Gift Ideas

Now we're talking! It seems like I spend the year trying to eat dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. But, during the holidays let's just agree to pull out all of the stops! From homemade kahlua drink recipes to lots of rich, homemade chocolate candies-this is the time of year that I live for. Or, as I learned in Comp 101, this is the time of year for which I live!

Chai Tea Latte Mix

Flavoring Extracts

Homemade vanilla is simple to make and such a wonderful gift to give to your favorite baker. I used to use exclusively Mexican Vanilla. While others sneak tequila over the border-me-I stuffed bottles of vanilla in all of my spare shoes. But not since I started to make my own! With a few simple ingredients and about 6 weeks, you'll have a delightful gift. Homemade vanilla is definitely worth a try!

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Click Here For Recipe

Click Here For Recipe

Flavored Sugar Recipes

Flavoring sugars is a fun and creative project!  These make great food gifts ideas-from unique wedding favors to homemade Christmas gifts

Add your imagination to some raw sugar, and voila!  Another quick and fun project from easy-home-made!

More homemade food gift ideas

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Homemade Kahlua Recipes

Well, I decided to take "one for the team" and try this recipe out! Once you learn how to make homemade vanilla, it's simply the next step!  It's amaaaazing! You may have to invest a little bit, but you won't be sorry...

Coffee Beans-Vanilla Beans-A Few Choice Liqueurs and a little time to ruminate.

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Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Homemade marshmallows make great gift all by themselves. But add a little "gourmet" razzmatazz and you have just started a tradition!

Whether you add peppermint extract, dip them in chocolate, or put a stick in them for some yummy homemade cocoa...this is a gift that is sure to please!

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How To Make Dog Treats

Everyone will be impressed that you learned how to make dog treats just to please their little pooch! Whip up a quick batch of these, put them in a cute little jar and Voila! Happy owners and happy puppy.

It's a win-win!

And my grand-puppy, Gucci-----> agrees!

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