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Homemade Hairspray

homemade hairspray

I have a secret...I was “80’s girl”, I’ve had tons of experience with hairspray. But over the past few years, I've tried to use more natural products in my healthy and beauty regime. I’ve gone from aqua-net in the disco days to, recently, learning how to make hairspray.

Hairspray uses ingredients that are drying to hair, like denatured alcohol and butane.  When you spray it on your hair, you're using it as a very light shellac or "spray glue". As it dries, your hair stays in the shape that it's dried in, kind of "glued" together.

That's no longer the look I desire or the kind of products that I want to breathe into my body.

After trying out several recipes that I found on the internet, I stumbled upon this super simple homemade hairspray recipe.  Now, my hair styles have simplified over the years...it's now more likely that my hair is pulled back into a ponytail so I don't require the "spray glue" anymore. But if you're just wanting a little control, just need to keep those whispies from flying around, I've found the answer.

It's safe to use on your kids and uses all natural products for your health and wellness.

Click on the link below to find this simple, 3 ingredient recipe.

photo by thank your body

Homemade Hairspray

I've found several other homemade skincare recipes that you may like.  Making your own lotion, skin toners and homemade vaseline is not only a vital part of your healthy lifestyle, it's also an easy way to save money as well as having control over the products that you bring into your home.

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