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How To Make Vaseline

How to Make Vaseline With Two Simple Ingredients!

Vaseline is a "mineral oil" based product. It is made from by-products of the petroleum to make gasoline. A minor product like vaseline is made from the base, "left-overs" of the petroleum. Kind of like scraping the bottom of the barrel.


I've used those tubs of vaseline for years. From softening my crazy, rough elbows to tenderizing my crazy, rough feet, I've plowed through gallons of it. I'd even resorted to sleeping with it under my eyes in my attempt to get rid of wrinkles.


All in the name of healthy aging, we massage, smear and rub all kinds of weird chemicals into our skin. 

But, Yeah!! Don't despair! I've looked around and found a simple, easy peasy, recipe that is cheaper and so versatile that you'll never even miss this greasy wonder. And all you need are 2 simple ingredients for your homemade vaseline. It's easy peasy~cause that's how I roll!

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How To Make Vaseline

This is all you'll need!

I strongly recommend that you NOT buy the beeswax in a big chunk.---->

Grating beeswax with a cheese grater is "no bueno!" It comes in little pellets and would make this experience much quicker and more enjoyable!

Simply put the olive oil and the beeswax into a glass measuring cup and place into a double-broiler. Melt the beeswax slowly, stirring periodically.  Voila!  Homemade Vaseline!

Pour into your favorite jar or shallow dish and enjoy!

I made several containers using different Essential Oils Recipes. I used the Pain Relief recipe for my feet and it's wonderful!  

And there you have it! More homemade skin care products!



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