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Lip Gloss Kit

Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit

This is an easy and fun recipe that is an easy homemade gift idea.  It has a few more ingredients that our Basic Lip balm recipe but all of the oils and butters make this essential in homemade skin care.

This craft kit has everything you need, even the cute little heart shaped lip gloss pots, to make 10 basic lip balms.  Truly, an easy homemade gift idea.  

With real shea butter, our blend of sweet almond, avocado oil & castor oil, and your choice of chocolate, peppermint mocha or strawberry flavoring, this is not only fun but healthy homemade skin care.

This is what you'll get!

...and you'll make 10 of these!

This kit is just $20 including priority shipping.  It's perfect for girl's night, party favors or kids craft kits.  

$15 plus $5 for shipping, careful handling and beautiful packaging.  Perfect to ship as a gift.

Scents Available


Monthly Craft Kit

To really satisfy your creative desires you could consider a 3 month subscription to TheBrownBag.  Our monthly craft kit that is not only part of a healthy lifestyle but will spark your imagination and vision.  Each BrownBag Project can be completed in about an hour and will return the pleasure 10-fold.

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