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Lush BUFFY Bars
lush body butter diy

Lush Buffy Bars DIY

lush body butter diy

Lush Body Butter diy is more than just lotion bars...these are scrubby, exfoliant moisturizing bars for the shower. They are easy homemade gift ideas that will impress! 

To use these little bits of wonderous moisturizers, just rub them on in the shower or bath and let the water rinse off the exfoliant. Dry your skin gently, or better yet...air dry. Enjoying the benefits of coconut oil, your skin will hold the moisture all day leaving your soft and...exfoliated! :)

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The actual recipe uses shea butter and cocoa butter but feel free to substitute coconut oil for the shea butter if you want to enjoy the full benefits of coconut oil!


The ingredients for Lush Bath Products are listed on their website so with a bit of experimenting...here's what I came up with!


  • Mold (I used a silicone mini cupcake pan)
  • Glass Measuring Cup
  • 1/4 C Ground Rice (I used Strawberry Seeds because I had them in my stash-doesn't everyone?)
  • 1/8 C Ground Almonds
  • For less scrubbiness...you can use ground up oatmeal

You can get these ingredients here

shea butter      cocoa butter      huge variety of essential oils

To Find Them Any Fresher You Would Have To Grow

lush body butter diy


  • Measure out your Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. I used a Weight Watcher's Scale and measured right into my glass measuring cup. Less mess.
  • Put into a shallow pan of boiling water to melt your oil (you can use a double boiler but I cut this corner!)
  • The cocoa butter is hard so it takes awhile to melt. While this is melting grind up the rice and the almonds in the food processor.
  • When the oils are melted, add the essential oils, rice and almonds.
  • Put the measuring cup into the refrigerator to let the mixture cool. You can see that the mixture is really thick. As it cools you can gently stir and help the exfoliants suspend in the oils.


After 45 minutes mine is ready~

  • Pour into your molds and let cool on the counter. If you put your molds on a bread board they are easier to move around.
  • You can put these into the freezer if you'd like to hurry the process. And, never fear, if you make a mistake, simply remelt them & repeat the process!

Voila!  To use these scrubby, little pieces of exfoliant joy, gently rub them over your skin as you would soap in the bath or shower.  They're incredibly moisturizing and fun to use!  

Remember they're oily so don't slip in the shower!

*Here are some great essential oils used in popular Lush products.

^you can get them by clicking on the links above ^

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