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Toner Tabs

Here's another one of our DIY Lush Products.  Tea Tree Toner Tabs are one of my amazingly simple beauty secrets.  Considering that these little beauties will cost you about $1 each, this easy homemade project will fit easily into our quest for frugal living.

Tea Tree Toner Tabs


Ingredients that you'll need

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

10 drops of tea tree oil

2 T aloe vera powder

1/2 t powdered chlorophyll (or 2-3 capsules)

small squirt bottle with witch hazel or distilled water

*if you don't have aloe vera powder, you can use aloe vera water in place of the witch hazel.

The skin benefits for of tea tree essential oils are essential for healthy living as well as a terrific wrinkle treatment.

  • Baking Soda-is used to detoxify the body from excess alcohol, caffeine and other medications.  After a long soak in a baking soda bath, you will feel renewed and refreshed!
  • Citric Acid-Adding citric acid to your bath salts recipes will help to preserve your homemade skin care products.  Combined with baking soda, you will have a slightly fizzy, skin-softening addition to your recipe.
  • Witch Hazel-is a natural astringent that is derived from the witch hazel tree and  often used on the face and skin.  With it's natural, astringent properties, it is effective and beneficial as a simple beauty secret.
  • Aloe Vera Powder-carries all of the well-known health benefits of the aloe vera plant.  As a powder, it's more stable and versatile than aloe vera gel.
  • Tea Tree Oil-is effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses.  Perfect for clearing out facial issues and a natural remedy for acne.
  • Chlorophyll Powder-counteracts toxins that are trapped in your skin as it strengthens cells and works in reducing wrinkles.

The directions are pretty, darn easy for this one!  

  • Add your tea tree oil into the baking soda.  Mix thoroughly and then add with the rest of the dry ingredients.  Mix together completely.  

  • Now slowly squirt the mixture, a little at a time, until it slightly clumps together.  You don't want it too wet, just enough to pack it down well.  If it gets too wet it will look like a spoogy, gooey mess- still very usable-just not pretty!
  • I used my Wilton brownie mold. This sized recipe made about 8 toner tabs.
  • Let them sit in the molds overnight.
  • Voila!  These are finished and ready to use!  
  • To use- simply place it into a large bowl and pour boiling water into the bowl.  Cover your head with a large towel and let the skin-loving ingredients do their thing!

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