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Vintage Fabric Flower

vintage fabric flower

Fabric and paper flowers are super easy to make and a rewarding afternoon project.  Whether you're looking for cheap wedding ideas, homemade fabric flowers, or an easy homemade gift idea, we have several flower tutorials to keep you busy!

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This fabric flower can be made in just a few minutes.  With some simple scraps of fabric, eyelash yarn strands, and some bling from your bling stash (we all have one!) you can enjoy these little beauties in just a few minutes!

List of Supplies

  • Scraps of fabric-tulle, satin, silkyish...just experiment with it
  • Eyelash yarn
  • Pearls or rhinestones...as blingy as you want!
  • Glue gun and stapler
  • Candle & lighter or matches


  • Cut several circles in your desired sizes. I used 7 circles because I wanted them to be full.  I made them all about 3 inches in diameter and definitely not perfect.  The imperfections add beauty!
  • Cut several strands of the eyelash yarn, 3 or 4 inches larger than the circles.  I used 5 strands per flower.
  • Hold the circle edges close (but not too close) to the flame.  Yes, this does require some experimenting...trial & error.  As the flame slightly singes the circle edges, they will curl upward and form layers of petals.
  • Now, take your circles with the singed edges and carefully singe the centers of the circles as well.  This will add texture and design to your homemade fabric flowers.
  • Lay four of the strands onto the center of a circle with a couple of inches on each side as shown below.  Attach it with hot glue or a stapler.
  • Add the remaining six flower circle petals on top of this piece and staple them together.
  • Using the final piece of yarn, scrunch it up, add a dab of glue in the center of the flower and stick it on as shown above.  
  • Add the pearl or rhinestone if desired.

These are just so sweet and easy!  You can use them in cheap wedding decorations, maybe a vintage fabric flower pin, or to embellish a frame.  Play with different colors and fabrics for a variety of results!

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