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Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces

Planning a cheap wedding doesn't have to be daunting!  With the latest style of burlap and lace ideas floating around, all it takes is a little bit of creativity, some inspiration, and a whole lot of hot glue to make this an event that everyone will LOVE!  

The bride-to-be for this project is a pink, lacy, burlappy kind of girl!  We made twelve of these centerpieces with a few basic items.

1. Wilton cake stands, between 12" and 16" each.  These cost about $10 each.  You could possibly use a round cardboard to stay with your budget wedding, you just want them to be sturdy.

2. Mason and jelly jars.

3. Lots of ribbons, lace, pearls and baubles.  We found some great deals at Goodwill and yard sales as well as using lots of coupons from the local craft stores.

4. Coffee filters....yes...I went through a lot of coffee while creating these little beauties, but there are many uses for coffee filters.  Coffee filter flowers can play an important part in your budget wedding.  

You can make your own flowers inexpensively and beautifully by using this Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial to make some of the peonies below.

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Vintage Fabric Flower Tutorial

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The first step in these wedding centerpieces was to cover the cake plates.  This took lots of hot glue and tough finger tips.  Disclosure: You will burn your fingers over 1000 times if you do 12 of these wedding centerpieces.  No advice...it hurts <3

Using scraps of fabrics, lace, pearls and other goodies, decorate your mason jar and then glue it onto your base.  

Adding various jelly jars, candle holders, picture frames, wine corks and some homemade vintage flowers, you can decorate the base in whatever styles fit your wedding theme.

Here is a vintage fabric flower tutorial that will help to get some creative juices flowing!

On this centerpiece, I just used scraps of pink ribbon and tied them into knots.  I also found some vintage music sheets that worked great for rolled flowers.

I was worried how this one would turn out since it has so many different shades of pink but...I like it!

You'll notice above the beautiful paper roses ^ tucked into some crannies.  These are coffee filter flowers as well.  I'm working on that tutorial and will get it out to you ASAP!

Inside these mason jars I placed the bridesmaid bouquets just to share them with you.  You can fill your centerpieces with homemade fabric flowers-I show you how to make some more HERE... 

I hope you like these cheap wedding ideas for your burlap and lace wedding.  It really is fun to make wedding flowers and quite a challenge to plan a budget wedding.   

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